Cordex Systems

Cordex SystemsCordex Systems is a designer and distributor of a new clinically tested cardiovascular diagnostic device. This patent-pending device, known as the Cordex EnDys SystemTM, is a new and emerging diagnostic tool that provides both early detection and ongoing monitoring of cardiovascular disease by measuring endothelial dysfunction. The correlation of endothelial dysfunction to cardiovascular disease is well documented in medical literature. No other existing technology provides actual readings of endothelial dysfunction that enable the physician to diagnose the onset of cardiovascular disease and monitor the efficacy of prescribed treatment. Given that 90% of all cardiovascular disease is preventable if detected early and treated, the Cordex EnDys SystemTM will have a dramatic role in the management of this disease and a significant impact on its lethality. Founded in 2009, Cordex is based in Annapolis, Maryland.

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